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Let’s make Mozzarella


Let’s make Mozzarella


10 liters of milk with a level of acidity (pH) that is not more than 4.6
20 drops of rennet
3 tablespoons salt


1. To prepare the Mozzarella cheese, youneed to take a milk with a level of acidity (pH) that is not more than 4.6. You can achieve this levelthrough a natural souring of a milk or by adding a citric acid to it. With the help of the you need to warm up the milk up to 72°C in order to pasteurize it and then cool it down to 30-35°C. 

2. After that, you need to add the rennet per 2 drops for a liter of a milk and immediately mix it all well. Then cover a pasteurizerwith a lid and leave it for 30-40 minutes to form a cheese clot.

3. The next step is to cut the clot with a knife in such a way that to have the cubes of a size of a walnutin the end and after that leave these cubes for 5 minutes.

4. Then keep warming up the mass up to 42°Cconstantly stirring it all time until the moment, when the clot begins to be dragged and stretched.

5. After that, pull out the mass with the help of the sieve and leave it in a colander to let it be drained out. Make the mass be compactand then cut it with a knife into equal parts.

6. Then heat the water in the pan up to 45°C. The temperature of the boiling water will be very convenient to check with the help of the removable thermometer of the pasteurizer. 

7. Then you need to prepare an ice serum with an added salt. Take 3 tablespoons of a salt for 2 liters. This will be a brine.

8. Take a piece of a cheese and dip it in a hot water and then keep stretchingand mashing it until the texture of the cheese will be smooth. When the cheese cools down and becomes hard, once again you need to soak it in a hot water. Now you can form the cheese balls and leave them in brine for 12 hours. 

After 12 hours, a sweet, homemade and 100% natural Mozzarella cheese is ready.


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